Gary’s Watercolor Abstract Workshop Coming Soon

This workshop is meant for the watercolorist with developed painting skills greater than a beginner.  In other words has sufficient knowledge to manipulate watercolor paint on paper.  The workshop will be a process style of workshop taking the participant through a series of steps to create the start of a painting.  Once the actual painting starts is where the fun begins.  This is a 4 day workshop that will require the creation of drawings and tracings and finally the transference of this material onto a sheet of watercolor paper.  Total time for these initial steps is about 1/2 day, so, not too bad to get you to where you can start to put paint onto a sheet of watercolor paper.  I usually have the participant work with a half sheet of Arches 140 lb Cold Press paper or a square of paper sized at 22 X 22.   A full sheet is harder to manipulate in a workshop, however if you are experienced, I would encourage you to use a full sheet.  We will paint, mask, use salt for texture, use saran wrap for texture, and many other implements to get textural elements into your painting.  We will use tape to create hard edges.  We’ll use tape to create shapes that will be painted into the work.  We’ll use tooth brushes and mouth atomizers for additional textural elements.  In other words, you’ll learn how to use a lot of tools in the tool box of an artist.  At the end of 4 days you’ll have created a wonderful abstract watercolor painting that you can be very proud of. I hope you consider taking this class as it is a lot of fun with a great group of enjoyable artists.


July 19, 2024


09:30 am to 03:30 pm



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