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Gary Johnson is a Fayetteville, AR resident and self-taught artist who, while living and working in the Pacific Northwest, initiated the development of his skills in watercolor painting, having taken numerous classes and workshops from professional artists. He continued his development in South Carolina and now Arkansas through continued participation in workshops and self study.

Gary was educated in engineering and business with both bachelors and masters degrees and has traveled extensively through China and other Asian countries, Europe, and Australia. He’s worked in many parts of the US and Mexico and enjoys traveling to places unvisited to develop new ideas for his art by being a keen observer of surroundings he visits and paying particular attention to color, shape, and value.

Gary enjoys teaching workshops and schedules them under his “Workshops” tab for you to find one that you find interesting to sign up for.  His teaching locations are listed along with the additional workshop materials that are required by the participant as well as pricing for each workshop  and are found in the Registration tab.

Gary’s works have been shown in Washington state, Washington DC, California, Arkansas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Vermnt, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, South & North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. Gary is a member of the TWSA, AWS, NWS, SWWS, ANA, KWS,MSW, and SCWS where he is a Signature Member in Excellence . He’s also a Signature Member of the Mid Southern Watercolorists with Diamond Status. Gary recently became a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society with signature status included and now serves on the Board of Directors of WHS.   He’s also on the Board of Diretors of the ANA where he is currently serving as Chairman.  Gary is represented by the Art Collective in Rogers, AR and the Art Emporium in Fayetteville, AR .

Gary’s interests are wide ranging from still life and flowers to landscape, portraits, abstract, and wildlife. His work ranges from small detailed studies to broad natural themes in which he experiments with color, texture, perspective, and shape to achieve works that evoke an emotional response and to develop his ever growing love of the media.


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